“Joan really knows the body. Her goals are to get you better so you don’t need her, except for a touch up. Better than anyone I have ever known.” -Evelyn Flynn

“I have been going to Joan to work on my body for the past 2 years. Her love of contribution and healing is powerful. I adore her technique of Japanese Anma. Book her now, her book fills up quickly!” -Jan Osborn

I am writing to share my pleasure of being one of the many satisfied customers of Jabez Bodyworks. Joan Hoffman has been a natural in the field of massage therapy since she began working in this area, and the easy way that she relates to people in general serves her well when addressing their physcial discomforts. One present for my wife that I know will always go over well is a trip to Jabez and I never hesitate to recommend Joan’s services to anyone with nagging pain, or who just needs to relax”          -Bradley C. Stidham

“I work for UPS, where I am constantly on the move. Driving, lifting, and jumping in and out of a truck all day. My body is key to making all this happen and I find that I can’t stay away from nagging pains in my body.

Just from one session with Joan, all of these pains were exposed and she treated each one. I left her feeling relief and some soreness but now  find my body to feel much better than it has in months. No shoulder pain and no foot pain is such a blessing. I can’t say enough about Joan and I will be back and refer all my co-workers to her so I don’t have to hear them complain anymore.”         -Rene Caballero

“Joan gives the best massage in town. Treat yourself and always have an 1 1/2 hour massage. She is awesome. I especially lover her wonderful back massage”

                                    -Linda Allred

“The pain and stress has been reduced to almost none. I loved everything about the massage. I wouldn’t change anything. It was a wonderful experience and I felt so much better afterwards. I am not sure what  you could do that would be better. It is pretty much the best now. Looking forward to my next appointment and I am trying to get my husband to come get a massage.”      -Debbie Moody

“Joan has helped me with a high-paced busy lifestyle combined with a progressive running and cycling routine. She has worked out knots I didn’t know I had. Over time, they have lessened. Athletes and non-athletes benefit. Busy moms and dads, professionals, aching people, tired people, stressed people, even people who feel great can feel greater! “      -Kelly Naquin Anderson, Financial Representative

“Joan is a miracle worker. If you have any aches and pains go see her.

You will NOT be sorry!”

-Jason Losness, Water Treatment Specialist

“Joan emanates a warm and welcoming spirit that allows her clients to be instantly comfortable in her care. She uses great technique throughout her massage therapy and has helped with relief of injuries I’ve had for years. Not only is Joan a perfectionist in educating herself on ways to provide relaxation and pain relief for all clients, she is willing to research ways to help each client as one would for a close family member. Working with Joan is by far the best and most relaxing experience I’ve ever had.”     -Katherine Dantin, New Mother and Recruiter


“I went to Joan with chronic pain in my left leg and both forearms. I told Joan what my symptoms were. She quickly took care of the problem. I have never had a massage therapist that could isolate the problem and relieve the pain so quickly. Joan is a wonder and she is my only massage therapist from now on.”

-Keith Lemoine, Site Radiation Safety Officer and NRA Instructor

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