What is Anma?

At Jabez Bodyworks, I offer a therapeutic deep tissue massage called Japanese Anma. The benefits of an Anma massage:

  • Massages both muscles and nerves with NO pain.
  • Most people find it so soothing and relaxing they fall asleep.
  • It helps relieve common aches and pains induced by their hectic and stressful lifestyles.
  • Oldest form of massage in the world
  • Addresses “knots”, shoulder, neck and back pain.

I also offer other forms of massage and will tailor your therapy to your needs.

I am passionate about making a difference for my clients in very real ways, in their daily lives.  My satisfaction comes from helping them to get the therapeutic results they want and need to lead a better quality of life-starting with the moment they get off the table.


My company is named after the Jabez Prayer in the Bible. (Chronicles 4:10)

Joan Hoffman, Eastern Therapy Specialist

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